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I enjoy doing drawings in pencil. The types of drawings I do art anime, cartoon, and sometimes graffiti. Please comment and fav on drawings. If you are interested in stories read them, you may like them.

And these are some cool icons
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So heres my new OP pokemon team. I swear I keep getting more clever with these strategies. Its like I'm a endless encyclopedia or something with infinite pages. Anyways this is the first team I made without mega evolving. And I have to admit, they have been wrecking a bunch of teams so badly that the person forfeits or rage quits. So here's the new team :D 


Lv 51

Nature: Timid

Ability: Sniper

Item: Choice specs

Moves: Brine, Hydro pump, Draco meteor, agility.

This seahorse is pretty good. With his choice specs he's overpowered, and even stronger when he lands critical hits with sniper. So watch out for the seahorse XD.


Lv 100

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Reckless

Item: Choice band

Moves: Brave bird, Close combat, Double edge, Quick attack.

Holy sh*t I love this damn eagle! He will wreck your life, but he's also wrecking his XD. This eagle is gonna hit hard. Choice band boosts his attacks by 50% and his recoiling moves 20%. He's even stronger if flower gift is in play. So if he's using brave bird or double edge and flower gift is supporting him, His attack is being increased by 120%. I told you he hits hard XD. But he's supposed to die so I have to be careful how I use him in a fight :D. He's nearly immune to burn since choice band and his reckless ability is supporting his attacks. Unless you have a faster, bulky or if he dies by recoil, then staraptor cant be stopped XD.


Lv 50

Nature: Adamant

Ability: Guts

Item: Flame orb

Moves: Spark, Ice fang, Crunch, Quick attack

Now Luxray attack is pretty high. I maxed his attack and hp so its nearly 200. Luxray's attack stat is 189. But when he gets burned thats when things get really serious XD. His attack stat is then increased to 283 due to his guts. His spark will give off a 30% para hax and gives him a stab. Ice fang will defend him from ground types and will surprise attack other types weak to ice, quick attack for priority and crunch for another surprise attack.


Lv 51

Nature: Modest

Ability: Blaze

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Flamethrower, Grass knot, Focus blast, Nasty plot

Now this hot headed monkey has proven himself worthy. He has so many moves that can protect himself. The nasty plot its just amazing boost up. He clears everything in his way, including water, ground, rock, steel, and normal. Watch out for this crazy monkey. He may lose it and go crazy on your pokemon XD.


Lv 50

Nature: Jolly

Ability: Moxie

Item: Choice scarf

Moves: Reversal, Megahorn, Night slash, Close combat

All I gotta to say is, don't mess with the Heracross lol XD. This beetle can put up a fight and is the strongest and the fastest one. If you let her knock out a pokemon, then you have a big problem. She is the main reason why people forfeit and rage quit XD. Reversal is if her hp is on red. Megahorn will just destroy dark and psychic types, night slash is to surprise ghost types, and close combat is to simply knock out pokemon. 


Lv 54

Nature: Timid

Ability: Flower gift

Item: Heat rock

Moves: Morning sun, Leech seed, Solarbeam, Sunny day

Cherrim is nothing special. She just supports the team and help raise their sp def and attack. She especially does well with healing with leech seed and helps last the sun last longer with her heat rock.

That's all the pokemon I made. I'm getting close to finishing my other set. I'm trying to use other lower tier pokemon and not rely on OU'S and mega evolution. 

And Now I'm going to draw a fox girl.

Catch you later guys :D

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