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Want more stories and fanfics. They are coming back. So if you are reading this journal. I'm making a chapter or have already finished it.  Wanna fight me in pokemon. Go for it. I got my overpowered pokemon waiting for you. I'm making a new OP set as we speak lol XD. Just remember I no longer play pokemon y. I play alpha sapphire now, so make sure you have Omega ruby or Alpha sapphire, I don't like playing the Kalos rules. What is the Kalos rules? Its a rule you have to play if someone from x and y battles you. You cant use items that people from x and y don't have. Example would be Sceptilite (sceptiles mega stone). So Yeah I a new laptop and a new job today. So happy now :D. That's it for now.

Catch you later guys :D


  Jamila and companion decided to be friends. In addition, Jamila decided to give her loyalty to him after what she did. She mentions she is a African decent from Egypt and is also Japanese. How did she end up in Japan?

Companion: So can you tell me more about your lifestyle?

Jamila: As an African?

Companion: Yeah. I'm really interested. This is the first time I met an African decent.

Jamila: You never met one before?

Companion: No. I thought everybody in the world was Japanese. I didn't know there was a place called Africa.

Jamila: Well I'm a princess from Egypt. My sister is a princess too, my father who is Japanese is human and a great scientist, and my mother who is African is a werewolf and a pharaoh.

Companion: What's a pharaoh?

Jamila: Its normally a man who is king, but in this case she's a queen. Servants serve her, the guards protect her, and the slaves protect her.

Companion: She seems like an awful queen.

Jamila: She's really nice. She welcomes everyone to her land as long as they abide by her rules.

Companion: So why did you leave Egypt? Were you banished?

Jamila: No. My mother mentioned that there are other places to explore besides Egypt. She said to go explore the world and not to come back until I find someone I want to marry.

Companion: Why?

Jamila: She wants me to be the next pharaoh. But I rather explore more before I get married.

Companion: So werewolves. How long can they run?

Jamila: They never get tired of running. They can run forever?

Companion: (surprised) Whoa seriously?!

Jamila: A werewolf's stamina is incredible.

Companion: Another question? Do you fight?

Jamila: I do. I'm a free fighter and a spear fighter. Now I wanna know about you.

Companion: Like I said before. I was human, but now I'm a Raiju.

Jamila: Isn't that like a lightning beast?

Companion: Yes. I'm also a prince who was serving in the Bakudaina.

Jamila: Why were you in there?

Companion: It was Susanno's orders. I killed anyone who intervened in my mission.

Jamila: What were you looking for?

Companion: I'm looking for 2 people. One of them I'm going to kill and the other one I want to see again. Rumors said there is a guy destroying brothels and freeing prostitutes.

Jamila: Isn't that Shori? He's been doing that to a bunch of women. Just freeing them.

Companion: (shocked) Wait what?! He's still alive?! How?! I heard he's been dead for ten years!

Jamila: Nope. He's still alive.

Companion: I have to warn him about something! Just hearing about him being alive is already putting him in danger!

Jamila: What's so bad about him?

Companion: He's Susanoo's next nose.

Jamila: (shocked) WHAAATTT?! HE'S TOO DANGEROUS!!!

Companion: We need to find him now! The more people hear about him. The more enemies he'll make.

Jamila: Lets go already!

They leave the inn.

The scene switches to Akiyo and Narumi.

Narumi: Let me wash your hair.

Akiyo: Alright.

She washes his hair.

Narumi: You did an amazing job with training today.

Akiyo: Thanks. Its all thanks to you though. I'm glad your my teacher.

Narumi: And I'm glad you're my student.

Akiyo: You look very beautiful today.

Narumi: Thank you Akiyo.

Akiyo: You're welcome.

She gets dressed.

Akiyo: (in thought) Her body is just magnificent. Her beautiful brown hair, her curves, everything about her is majestic and beautiful.

Narumi: Hey Akiyo?

Akiyo: Yes?

Narumi: I made a new kimono for you to sleep in. Will you try it on for me?

Akiyo: Sure. I love red.

He puts it on.

Akiyo: I really like it.

Narumi: I'm glad.

She sleeps with him.

Akiyo: You must love company.

Narumi: I do. It can be lonely being the only cat around.

She feels Akiyo's heart beat fast.

Narumi: You seem very excited and happy.

Akiyo: I really love giving you company.

Narumi: You're only saying that because of my beauty.

Akiyo: No I really do. You're so nice and you do all these amazing things. You can take care of people and you always seem to care. I've never met an amazing woman like you.

Narumi: That's very sweet of you. Thank you.

She licks his face. She holds him and gets very emotional.

Akiyo: Are you okay?

She begins to cry.

Narumi: (crying) I'm fine. Just being someone that gives me company makes me feel better.

Akiyo gives her flowers.

Akiyo: I got some flowers.

Narumi: They're beautiful.

Akiyo: Can I ask you a serious question?

Narumi: What is it?

Akiyo: Are you a mother to any kids?

Narumi: No why?

Akiyo: You always seem to have a motherly figure around me.

Narumi: That isn't bad is it?

Akiyo: (smiling) I don't mind.

Narumi: Now I have a serious question.

Akiyo: Yes?

Narumi: How long are you going to keep hitting on me?

Akiyo: I'm only 18. It's only normal to do that to beautiful women like you.

Narumi: (blushing)(sigh) What am I going to do with you?

Akiyo: (flirting) I know what I want to do with you.

She roars at him.

Akiyo: (irritated) That's enough!

She goes to sleep.

The next morning.

Narumi: Good morning Akiyo.

Akiyo: I'm sorry.

Narumi: Don't worry about it.

They eat.

Akiyo: What are we going to do this time as far as training?

Narumi: We are going to figure out your element.

Akiyo: My element?

Narumi: Yes. Everybody has one or more element.

Akiyo: What's yours?

Narumi: It's wind.

So what's mine?

Narumi: I think you have 2 of them. As a nekomata its obvious the first on is fire.

Akiyo: So what's the other one?

Narumi: It depends on your powers.

Akiyo: I think what Tsukiyomi was trying to tell me is that my powers come from the moon.

Narumi: Lunar ability. You get you powers from the moon, its more effective at night. That gives you an advantage to your enemies. But we can do it later.

Akiyo: Okay.

Narumi: What's the matter?

Akiyo: (lying) Nothing.

Narumi: You feel guilty for hitting on me don't you?

Akiyo: Yes.

Narumi: I'm over it. I'm going to take a nap. Wanna take one with me?

Akiyo: Okay.

They take a nap.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 50- Mourning tigress
  A woman from the Bakudaina known as the passion has decided to break in one of the most high security prisons in Japan to free the companion. Why is she doing it and what does she want from him?

Passion: Kuzureru prison. So that's where you are companion. I found you and I'm going to set you free.

Prison guard: This place is off limits!

Passion: You wouldn't let a beautiful woman like me?

Prison guard: No! Absolutely not!

She pins him down.

Passion: (seducing) Are you sure about that?

Prison guard: I will resort to violence if you don't stop.

She beats him up and takes him somewhere.

Moments later he is traumatized.

Prison guard: (traumatized) Why would you do that?

Passion: Because I felt like it.

Prison guard: (traumatized) You didn't have to rape me! Where's your dignity?!

Passion: I'm a werewolf. I'm not sure if I have any. But anyways thanks for the information. I you made me really mad you would have been killed already.

She leaves and dresses up in black.

Passion: Werewolf run!

Note: This enhances her speed and makes her move faster. Its also used to hunt down her prey.

She runs straight down to the very bottom of the floor and meets companion.

Companion: You must be my executioner. Go ahead and kill me. I'm bound up in chains and can't do anything.

Passion: Execute you? I'm here to rescue you.

Companion: (surprised) Wait you are!

Passion: Yeah. Your time in prison is over. You get your freedom today.

Companion: Thanks.

Passion: What are you a wolf or something? You smell like one.

Companion: I'll explain it later if you free me.

She cuts the chains off with her claws.

Companion: (smiling) Susanoo is pissed.

Passion: Who is Susanoo?

Companion: The Japanese god of the storms. He's asking me to destroy this prison.

Passion: That's a little too far don't you think?

Companion: Nope. So I'm going to destroy it.

He holds her.

Companion: Hold on tight.

He jumps sky high in the air. He overloads himself with lightning.

Companion: Susanoo's thunderstorm! Raiju's rage!

He dismantles everything. Passion falls from the sky and Companion catches her.

He puts her down, and all the guards shows up.

Kyohi: You've earned your death wish.

Companion: No you earned it a long time ago. You're gonna get your punishment tenfold.

They fight.

She kicks him in the face.

Companion: That's all you got! Lightning beast punch!

They both start bleeding.

Kyohi: You aren't gonna leave without a fight are you?

Companion: You damn right I wont.

Kyohi: Pick your choice of weapon then.

Companion: Kunai knives. A lot of them.

Kyohi: You know my choice guards.

They toss her a sword and give him knives.

He throws and scatters some of the knives around him.

Companion: I hope you're ready.

He powers up.

Companion: Raiju mode.

Note: A Raiju is a type of thunder or lightning beast. It can take shape as a cat, fox, weasel or wolf. They are very harmful when they are agitated.

He starts throwing knives.

Kyohi: This is nothing.

She starts cutting the knives.

Kyohi: You're going to run out.

He sneaks up behind her.

Companion: Not worried about it.

He kicks her in the face.

She cuts her.

Companion: Interesting fight. Too bad you're gonna die.

He slides under her and trips her. Then kicks her straight down.

Kyohi: Single sword style. Night of the thunder song.

Note: She cuts him along with the sound of thunder. The harder her swings the stronger they get.

He pulls another kunai and throws it behind her.

Kyohi: You missed.

Companion: Wasn't aiming at you.

She cuts him.

Companion: That's it? That did nothing.

Kyohi: What?!

Companion: I'm a lightning user. Thunder has no effect on me.

He teleports behind her and charges up lightning and pierces her chest.

Kyohi: (coughing blood)

Companion: Changed my mind, I'll let you live. You're not worth killing.

He walks off.

Passion: That was amazing! Who are you?

Companion: I should be asking you that. You came unexpectedly.

Passion: (laughing) Yeah I did.

Companion: You're not from around here are you?

Passion: No. I'm from Egypt.

Companion: Have no clue where that is.

Passion: Its in Africa.

Companion: I knew something was different about you. You don't look anything like a Japanese woman.

Passion: I'm half Japanese.

Companion: So the other half is African?

Passion: Yes.

Companion: I see. Your hair is so wavy and thick.

He touches it.

Passion: Don't touch it!

Companion: My bad my bad. By the way your skin is different than Japanese. Do you a disease or something?

Passion: No. It's normal for Africans to have skin like this.

Companion: Even your boobs are bigger than the Japanese.

She covers her chest.

Passion: (blushing) Don't stare at them!

Companion: You're so uptight about things.

He finds an inn and stays in a room.

Passion: So what are you?

Companion: A Raiju. Was a human but Susanoo made changes to my body.

Passion: Changes?

Companion: I was in a very unfortunate incident 10 years ago. I was supposed to die, but Susanoo saved me.

Passion: What's your name?

Companion: I rather not say at the moment. My name causes too much attention.

Jamila: My name is Jamila Oshiro.

Companion: You know there's a girl who has the same surname you have.

Jamila: That's my half sister Tomomi. She's a dhamphir.

Companion: She's half vampire?

Jamila: Yes and I'm half werewolf.

Companion: You're trying to rape me aren't you?

Jamila: I'm thinking about it.

Companion: Get away from me then.

She pins him down.

Jamila: I don't think I'm going to do that.

Companion: Get the hell off me!

He electrocutes her.

Jamila: (electrocuted)(whimpering)

He knocks her out.

An hour later she wakes up.

Companion: Are you done yet?

Jamila: Yeah.

Companion: What is up with you female werewolves trying to rape people. You think that's funny?

Jamila: Some do. I just want attention. That's why I do it.

Companion: Then stop doing it.

Jamila: Okay. I wont do it anymore.

Companion: Why are you being so obedient all of a sudden?

Jamila: (smiling) Your my new master now.

Companion: (confused) Huh?

Jamila: I tried to beat you in a fight, and I lost. When that happens the person who won becomes the new master for that werewolf.

Companion: So you just gave all your loyalty to me, even when we just met?

Jamila: Yep.

Companion: Soooo, wanna be friends then?

Jamila: (happy) I would love to.

They become friends.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 49- Two lifestyles

  Tomomi and Ryuu passes through vampires territory. Tomomi notices that the same dragon is still following them. Will they get away from the dragon and hide somewhere safe? Or will they fight the dragon and slay it?

Tomomi: Ryuu we need to find a inn right now.

Ryuu: That's not possible.

Tomomi: Why not?

Ryuu: What are you stupid or something? You're a witch, and I'm a fugitive.

Tomomi: Then what are we going to do?!

Ryuu: I don't know you stupid blonde you're the smart one.

Tomomi: (panicking) I don't know! Lets just keep moving!

She hears werewolves.

Ryuu: What?

Tomomi: I hear werewolves.

Ryuu: What the hell is up with these creatures. First a witch like you, vampires and now a damn canine mutts. What the hell do they want?!

Tomomi: I think they want you.

Ryuu: What the hell did I do?!

They show up.

Werewolf: Only she may pass. You must leave.


Werewolf: Filthy beasts?! How dare you call us that?!

Ryuu: Move! NOW!!!

Werewolf: I refuse.

She tries to jab him with her claws.

Ryuu: (angry)(glaring) That's all you got you damn mutt? That didn't do a damn thing!

Werewolf: (in thought) That's not possible! He's human he shouldn't be able to withstand that.

Ryuu body heats up and sets her hand on fire.

Werewolf: Ow!

Ryuu: You've done it now. I'm so pissed.

Tomomi: Ryuu just calm down.

Ryuu: Shut up Tomo. Put a damn spell on that mouth of yours and shut up.

Werewolf: What are you?!

Ryuu: Wouldn't you like to know you nosy mutt. No move or I'll set this whole place on fire.

Werewolf: You wont.

Ryuu: (angry) Wanna bet! I've done it once and I'll do it again!

Tomomi: Ryuu stop! You're causing more trouble!

Ryuu jumps high in the air.

Ryuu: I'm already in trouble! I'm a criminal remember?!

He dives down to the ground.

Ryuu: (angry) HHHOOOORAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

He causes an explosion and sets everything on fire.

Ryuu: I told you I would do it.

She collapses to the ground.

Ryuu: Lets go Tomo.

He turns around a realizes that she's severely hurt.

Ryuu: (traumatized)(screaming)

Tomomi: Ryuu. We need to go.

Ryuu: How can we go somewhere when you're injured like this.

Tomomi: We'll figure it out.


Tomomi: Just calm down.

She tries to move.

Ryuu: Stop moving! Damn it quit it! STOP MOVING YOU STUPID BLONDE!!!

She passes out.

Ryuu: (frustrated) WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?!

He watches her bleed to death.

Ryuu draws her swords.

Ryuu: (crying) I'm sorry for being a worthless friend.

An officer shows up.

Hisao: You're gonna kill you're own friend?

Ryuu: (crying) What the hell am I supposed to do?! She's bleeding to death and its all my fault!

Hisao: We'll start off by taking her to the hospital. But I'm going to take of you first.

Ryuu points his sword towards his neck.

Hisao: So Seppuku is your choice?

Ryuu: (crying) You're gonna kill me anyways. It doesn't even matter.

Hisao draws his sword and cuts a snake.

Hisao: You really are reckless. That snake could have killed you with its venom.


Hisao: You have 3 options. Kill yourself, life in prison, or redeem yourself and join the military.

Ryuu: I cant change my actions.

Hisao: Yes you can. If you believe in redemption then anyone can. If you atone for your sins and join the military then I will forgive you and clean your records for you.

Ryuu: Alright fine.

A week later Ryuu joins the military as a samurai and instantly becomes a sergeant due to his experience as a samurai.

Hisao: Ryuu. Have you heard anything about your friend.

Ryuu: Did something happened?

Hisao: Her wounds just healed, as if her life-force was absorbing living things around her.

Ryuu: (surprised) She must have been practicing on a spell.

Hisao: Surprisingly no. She just got a hold of someone's blood and she just healed herself.

Ryuu: May I go see her please?

Hisao: Go ahead and take the day off.

Ryuu: Thank you officer.

He leaves and goes to the hospital.

Ryuu: I'm looking for Tomomi Oshiro.

Doctor: She just left today. She was so happy she was talking about some hotheaded samurai with anger problems. She said one day shes going to turn all that hat into love and then left.

Ryuu: Okay thank you.

He leaves. He finds a house that was never seen before. He knocks on the door.

Tomomi: Welcome home Ryuu!

Ryuu: Are you really okay?

Tomomi: Yes I feel a whole lot better.

Ryuu: Are you a Shinwa or something?

Tomomi: I'm not a Shinwa. I so wouldn't a mythical creature look for me?

Ryuu: How are you okay then?

Tomomi: I'll tell you another day okay?

Ryuu: Alright.

He leaves.

Tomomi: Where are you going?

Ryuu: We can be friends anymore.

Tomomi: Why not?

Ryuu: Every time you're with me you get hurt. All I do is screw up.

Tomomi: But everyone makes mistakes. Even I do.

Ryuu: Mine are unforgivable though. There's no way you could ever forgive me.

Tomomi: I already have though.

Ryuu: Why do you go so far to help me?! Just let me be!

She kisses him.

Tomomi: Because I love you. I wanna turn all that hate bottled inside you into love.

Ryuu: (crying) Just stop okay. Just leave me alone.

Tomomi: I can't do that. You are suffering too much for me to leave you alone. You need help.

Ryuu: (crying) You're right I do need help.

She hugs him.

Tomomi: I'll never abandon you okay?

Ryuu: (smiling)(crying) Okay. Thanks Tomo.

As the months pass by. Tomo personally becomes Ryuu's counselor and therapist. Ryuu has been somewhat mentally healthier and is slowly fixing his mistakes he's done in the past.

Tomomi: Someone's in a very good mood today?

Ryuu: (embarrassed) Don't know what you're talking about.

Tomomi: I think you do.

Ryuu: Nope.

Tomomi: (teasing) My name is Ryuu and I'm in looove!

Ryuu: (blushing)(irritated) I am not!

He tries to leave, but Tomo closes and seals the door with magic.

Tomomi: You got something you're hiding.

Ryuu: (lying) Nope.

Tomomi: (teasing) Someone has a secret.

Ryuu: Tomo shut up.

Tomomi: You cant leave till you tell me. You agreed as your therapist and counselor you would tell me everything including secrets. Except for confidential information in the military.

Ryuu: I cant tell you this one.

Tomomi: Is it a girl?

Ryuu: (lying) No.

Tomomi: (teasing) I know your lying. Please be honest.

Ryuu: Its about you.

Tomomi: (surprised)(blushing) You're in love with me aren't you?

Ryuu: (sigh) Yes.

Tomomi: (blushing) This really escalated quickly.

Ryuu: I didn't wanna talk about it okay?!

Tomomi: I mean I have the same feelings you do too, but I don't wanna rush you into anything.

Ryuu kisses her.

Ryuu: I'm sorry I'm being complicated.

Tomomi: (smiling)(blushing) You've always been that way.

They make love.

The scene switches back to the present.

Hisoka: Wow. That escalated very quickly.

Tomomi: See what I mean. I love him so much. I cant leave him by himself. He needs me.

Hisoka: I think he does.

A hawk flies by and gives them a newspaper.

Hisoka: Who's the passion?

Tomomi: My half sister.

Hisoka: You have a half-sister?

Tomomi: Yeah.

Hisoka: What is she up to?

Tomomi: Rumors say she's trying to free someone. A man that goes by the name companion.

Hisoka: Who's the companion?

Tomomi: I have no clue.

The scene switches to the passion.

Passion: Don't worry companion. I'll make sure you'll get your freedom back.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 48- Susanoo's companion
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Want more stories and fanfics. They are coming back. So if you are reading this journal. I'm making a chapter or have already finished it.  Wanna fight me in pokemon. Go for it. I got my overpowered pokemon waiting for you. I'm making a new OP set as we speak lol XD. Just remember I no longer play pokemon y. I play alpha sapphire now, so make sure you have Omega ruby or Alpha sapphire, I don't like playing the Kalos rules. What is the Kalos rules? Its a rule you have to play if someone from x and y battles you. You cant use items that people from x and y don't have. Example would be Sceptilite (sceptiles mega stone). So Yeah I a new laptop and a new job today. So happy now :D. That's it for now.

Catch you later guys :D
Infinite crown: The passion/Jamila Oshiro by Gm27
Infinite crown: The passion/Jamila Oshiro
Jamila, aka the passion is one of the members of the Bakudaina. She is Tomomi's older half sister and is also a immigrant from Egypt. She is half African and Japanese. In addition she is also a halfbreeded werewolf. Everyone discriminates her due to her personal image like her hair, skin, name etc. She decides to betray the Bakudaina and go rescue a man known as the companion. She goes to a impregnable prison to free him. She does it because she heard about how "cute" he was. She says that she will free him, however she tries to rape him. However she fails and ends up serving her loyalty to him. Jamila is very intelligent and can learn almost anything. She cooks food for the companion and it was unimaginably horrible. The second attempt it was unbelievably good. Whenever she is complimented, her face quickly turns red and she gets really excited. She also loves poetry and dancing. She will sometimes dance around the companion to flirt and catch his attention, but he usually ignores it and goes to sleep. However she catches his attention when she reads poetry. She eventually develops feelings and falls in love with him. The companion refuses to accept her love and shuns it. He always tells her hes not in love when she picks up his scent and realizes hes lying.


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I enjoy doing drawings in pencil. The types of drawings I do art anime, cartoon, and sometimes graffiti. Please comment and fav on drawings. If you are interested in stories read them, you may like them.

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