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  Tomomi has done a good deed for Rika by getting her ring back from thieves. Ryuu decides to cut her a little bit of slack by being more tolerant with her. 8 years later as they get older. Tomomi continues to hang around with Ryuu. Has Ryuu decided to be her friend yet.

Tomomi: Hi Ryuu!

Ryuu: (annoyed) What Tomo?

Tomomi: Just wanna spend some time with you.

Ryuu: (annoyed) When do you never?

Tomomi: Never.

Ryuu: Exactly.

Tomomi: So what do you have planned today?

Ryuu: Getting medicine for my mom. She's sick.

Tomomi: (worried) Is she going to be okay?

Ryuu: Yeah I know a guy that can go get me medicine for her.

Tomomi: Okay I'll go with you.

Ryuu: No. Stay here. I don't want you getting hurt.

He leaves with his sword.

Ryuu walks to the outskirts of the town and meets a group of thugs.

Thug: You're in the wrong place idiot.

Ryuu: Move.

Thug: Like hell I will!

He shoots an arrow at him and misses. Ryuu walks past him.

Ryuu: I told you to move.

He sheaths his sword back and kills him.

Thug: (screaming)(bleeding)

Bandit: What in the hell was that?!

Ryuu: I cut his heart ten times and then it burst like a balloon.

Bandit: (shocked) YOU'RE INSANE!!!

Ryuu: No. He just got out of control. So I served him his own justice.

Bandit: I'll give you justice!

The rest of the thugs all attack him.

Ryuu: 20 ignorant thugs ready to throw their life away.

He slices one of them in half.

Ryuu: 19 more to go.

They keep charging at him.

Ryuu: I discovered something new. I don't know how to properly use it except when I'm angry.

He sets everyone on fire and slashes then one by one.

He walks to the last thug.

Thug: You really are insane.

Ryuu: No. You just got out of control.

He stabs him in the heart and kills him. He continues to walk.

Tomomi: That was a great fight.

Ryuu: I thought I said to stay where you're at.

Tomomi: Yeeeeeaaaahhh about that. I don't care. (flirting) I rather be with you.

Ryuu: (angry) Get lost you ugly witch!

Tomomi: I'm very pretty thank you.

Ryuu: Go!

Tomomi: Why are you so embarrassed of me?

Ryuu: I'm not now leave.

Tomomi: So you love me?

Ryuu: No! That's not what I meant.

They end up in the outskirts and everyone gives Tomomi a nasty look.

Ryuu: Tomo leave now. You're gonna get in a lot of trouble.

Villagers: We don't serve your kind little girl. Get out!

They start to rebel on her.

Villagers: WE HATE WITCHES!!!


They throw rotten food at her.

Tomomi: (crying)


They grab torches and pitchforks and try to drive her out the village.


Ryuu: Tomo just go.

Tomomi: (crying) No. I rather stay with you.

One of the villagers stab her with a pitchfork and tries to her.

Tomomi: (bleeding)(crying) Ryuu? I know you hate me but please help me. I'm sorry if I'm a handful but please don't abandon me.

They smack her in the face with a torch.

Ryuu: (in thought)(enraged) They are taking it too far.

Ryuu picks up a crate and throws it at the villager.

Ryuu: (angry) Leave her alone!

He punches him in the face and frees Tomomi.

Tomomi: (in thought) Ryuu? Are you okay?

Ryuu: (roaring) YOU'RE ALL GOING TO PAY!!!

He jumps in the air and shoots a giant fireball at the village. Burning everything to the ground.

Ryuu: (roaring)

A dragon flies in the air and knocks him out.

7 hours later, Ryuu wakes up.

Tomomi: Ryuu are you okay?

Ryuu: Why is everything burned down?

Tomomi: You don't remember? You did all this.

Ryuu: I did?!

Tomomi: Yeah. You shot a giant fireball in the air.

Ryuu: I gotta go.

The smuggler shows up.

Smuggler: You burned all my drugs. What are you going to do to pay for my medicine and equipment?

Ryuu: I don't know.

Smuggler: Better find out or I'll kill you. You got 2 years to get my stuff back or else.

He leaves.

Ryuu: Now I cant get the medicine for my mom.

Tomomi: I got it.

Ryuu: When?

Tomomi: After you were knocked out, that drug dealer gave it to us.

Ryuu: All right lets go.

They go back to the house and give the medicine to Rika.

Rika: (sigh) I'm going to have to make the two of you leave.

Tomomi: Why?

Rika: You caused too much trouble. There isn't anything left for you guys over here.

Tomomi: Okay I understand.

Rika: What are you going to do now?

Ryuu: I'm going to Kakunodate and join the military as a samurai.

Rika: Following your fathers footsteps?

Ryuu: Yeah.

Rika: Stay out of trouble Ryuu.

Ryuu and Tomo leave and head to Kakunodate.

Tomomi: I'm tired.

Ryuu: (annoyed) Oh my god Tomo shut up!

Tomomi: Why do you have to be so mean?

Ryuu: Why do you ask all these stupid questions?

Tomomi: Can't we find a hotel and sleep?

Ryuu: No.

A vampire comes out.

Vampire: I will not allow this human to pass through our territory.

Tomomi: Please let us pass. We don't want trouble.

Vampire: You can pass, but he must turn back.

Ryuu: Hey that's some bullshit! Why cant I pass?!

Vampire: Because we don't want filthy humans hanging around us vampires.

Ryuu: Screw your rules.

The vampire kicks him in the face and sends him flying.

Ryuu: You little asshole!

He draws his sword.

Vampire: Won't you ever learn?

He sucks blood from Tomomi and starts beating him.

Tomomi grazes him in the cheek.

Vampire: Now why would a half breed like you defend a inferior human being?

Tomomi: Because he's done the same for me.

The vampire kicks her as well.

Vampire: You are a traitor and a disgrace to the vampire race. I should kill you al-

He sees a dragon in the sky.

Vampire: (scared) As a matter of fact both of you may pass. I gotta go.

He runs off.

Tomomi: (in thought) That's the same dragon that knocked out Ryuu. We need to leave now.

They pass through the vampires territory and got to a inn.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 47- Bitter childhood (3)
Thanks everybody for saying happy birthday. Means a lot XD
  Tomomi talks to Hisoka about her childhood. She explains how she met Ryuu and why he hates witches so much. What was going on between the two of them.

Ryuu walks off. Tomomi follows her.

Tomomi: Hi Ryuu.

Ryuu: I told you to get lost.

Tomomi: I don't wanna. I wanna be around you.

Ryuu: WHY?!

Tomomi: (flirting) Because you're really cute.

Ryuu: I think you're ugly, you filthy witch.

Tomomi: I'm not ugly.

Ryuu: I think so you ugly piece of shit!

Tomomi: I think your lying.

Ryuu grabs her by the neck and pins her down.

Tomomi: (blushing)(smiling) Oh your on top of me. We're too young to be doing that.


Tomomi: May I ask you something?

Ryuu: What do you want?

Tomomi: Why do you hate me so much? I haven't done anything wrong.

Ryuu: I hate mythical creatures. Now get lost.

Tomomi: Fine I'll leave you alone for now.

She leaves.

Rika: Hello Tomo.

Tomomi: Hi mom!

Rika: (smiling) You don't have to call me that.

Tomomi: I'm gonna call you mom. One day you're going to be my mother in law.

Rika: You like my son that much?

Tomomi: Yes.

Rika: Why him? He is really rude and he hates you.

Tomomi: I wanna turn all that hate into love.

Rika: He especially hates witches.

Tomomi: Aren't you a mythical creature too?

Rika: Yes but don't tell him. He doesn't know about it.

Tomomi: Hey mom?

Rika: Yes Tomo?

Tomomi: My chest feels kinda weird.

Rika: Oh wow. You're developing pretty fast.

Tomomi: What's going on?

Rika: You're maturing as a young woman and growing breasts.

Tomomi: Isn't that what boys like?

Rika: Who told you that?

Tomomi: My daddy. He sent me a letter and said that he's been around a bunch of women and they all had big boobs.

Rika: (blushing)(in thought) Oh my goodness what has her father been telling her?

Tomomi: He also said that when a man loves a woman they get in bed and do some really-

Rika: (embarrassed) Okay Tomo that's enough!

Tomomi: What's wrong mom?

Rika: You are too young to say stuff like that. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?

Tomomi: No. I hate my mom.

Rika: Why?

Tomomi: She disowned me and hates humans.

Rika: It's not feminine to be saying things like that.

Tomomi: It's not my fault that I wasn't properly raised.

Rika: I can help you.

Tomomi: Pretty please?

Rika: (smiling) Okay.

Tomomi: Can you teach me other things?

Rika: Like what?

She whispers it in her ear.

Rika: (blushing) NO!!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

Tomomi: Aw but why?

Rika: That is not lady like.

Tomomi: But its really feminine.

Rika: No!

Tomomi: Fine I'll figure it out myself.

Rika: You're grounded. You cant be around Ryuu for a whole week.

Tomomi leaves.

Tomomi: Hi Ryuu.

Ryuu: Have you decided to hang yourself yet?

Tomomi: No. But I decided something else.

Ryuu: What?!

Tomomi: Can I be your girlfriend?

Ryuu: No. Now stick a broomstick up your ass you stupid witch.

Tomomi: I love you Ryuu.

Ryuu punches her in the face and pins her down again.

Tomomi: We're too young to be doing that.

Ryuu: Shut up!

He starts punching her.

Ryuu: You stupid little tramp! I hate witches!

Tomomi: I love you Ryuu. Throw all your hate at me.

Ryuu: (angry)(yelling) I hate you!

He stops punching her. Tomo slowly gets up and hugs him.

Tomomi: I wont ever abandon you. So let me help.

Ryuu kicks her.

Ryuu: Tramp.

He spits at her and walks off.

Tomomi: (sigh) One of these days I'll purify that hate and turn it into love.

She goes back to the house.

Rika: Did you hang around Ryuu again?

Tomomi: Yes.

Rika: Why?

Tomomi: (crying) I was just trying to help.

Rika: Tomo listen to me. Ryuu wont change.

Tomomi: (crying) You're wrong! He will! I believe in him! He needs more time! I'm not going to abandon him and leave him like this!

Rika: Just be careful next time.

The next day. Tomomi makes Ryuu some food and gives it to him.

Tomomi: Hey Ryuu! I made you some food!

He smacks it out of her hand and stomps it on the ground.

Ryuu: Looks like shit. Not eating it.

He pushes Tomo and walks off.

Tomomi: I love you.

Ryuu: I don't dammit now get lost!

The next day it starts raining.

Tomomi: Ryuu?! Are you there?!

She keeps looking for him.

Tomomi: Where is he?

Ryuu stands on the roof right above her and pours a bucket of water on her.

Tomomi: (shivering) S-so c-old.

Ryuu: Yeah I threw some ice in there! BITCH!!!

Tomomi: You should be more nice.

Ryuu: And you should hang yourself.

He dumps a bucket of mud on her also.

Ryuu: Bye.

He walks off.

The next day Tomomi catches a cold and gets sick.


Ryuu: What?


Ryuu: Why do you care anyways?

Rika: Because she hasn't done anything wrong to you! As punishment you are going to take care of Tomo and do what she says!

Ryuu: Hell no!

Rika: Either that or get out my house!

Ryuu: FINE!!!

He goes to Tomomi's room.

Tomomi: Ryuu! I missed you!

Ryuu: Shut up.

Tomomi: I know you got me sick but I forgive you.

She hugs him.

Tomomi: I love you.

Ryuu: I hate witches.

Tomomi: They aren't all bad. Just give them a chance.

Ryuu: No.

She holds his hand.

Tomomi: Please give me a chance?

Ryuu: No.

He leaves.

They next day. Rika gets robbed by some thieves.

Tomomi: Mom what happened? (sneezing)

Rika: My ring was stolen. I don't know where it went.

Tomomi: Shouldn't we get it back?

Rika: I don't want to cause trouble so lets just let it be.

Tomo leaves and looks for the thieves.

Tomomi: Excuse me thieves. Can you give me that ring back please?

Thief: Isn't it time for a girl like you to go to bed?

Tomomi: Please give me the ring back and nothing will happened.

Get lost.

He slaps her.

Thief: Filthy witch! You shouldn't even exist in this world!

Tomomi: You leave me no choice then.

She turns them into frogs.

Tomomi: You will be a frog for 2 weeks. Then you'll turn back to normal.

She steals the ring back and goes back to the house.

Tomomi: Hi mom! I got your ring back!

Rika: (surprised) You got it back?! But how?!

Tomomi: I turned them into frogs for two weeks. They go back to normal once two weeks is over.

Rika: But aren't you scared of humans treating you badly?

Tomomi: I don't care about that. I'm just glad I got your ring back.

She hugs her.

Tomomi: (smiling) I love you mom.

Rika: (crying) I love you too. Thanks Tomo. This ring is all I have from my husband.

Tomo leaves and goes back to her room.

Ryuu shows up.

Ryuu: Mom why are you crying?

Rika: (crying) Tomo got my ring back from those thieves.

Ryuu: (surprised) She did?

Rika: (crying) Yeah. I knew she was a kindhearted girl from the beginning.

Ryuu: Yeah.

Ryuu leaves.

Tomomi: Hi Ryuu.

Ryuu: (sneezing)

Tomomi: Are you sick too?

Ryuu: Yeah I got sick from you dumbass. (in thought) Idiot blonde.

Tomomi: I'm sorry.

Ryuu: Maybe I was wrong about witches like you.

Tomomi: So you love me?

Ryuu: Hell no!

Tomomi: Can we at least be friends?

Ryuu: I never said that.

Tomomi: I think you did.

Ryuu: No I didn't.

Tomomi: I think some of that hate is going away.

She kisses him.


Tomomi: (smiling)(blushing) I love you Ryuu. (sneezing)

Ryuu: Leave before I sneeze on your face or something.

She leaves.

Ryuu: Dumb pervert. Go hang yourself.

He slams the door in his room and goes to sleep.

Ryuu: (in thought) Thanks Tomo.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 46- Bitter childhood (2)
  Hisoka has successfully assassinated Takeo, also know as the Ruffian. She has also awakened her inner demon as a Oni and has been promoted into a chunin. She stays with Shori for a while and accompanies him.

Hisoka closes the door.

Hisoka: (blushing)(excited) Lets pick up where we left off.

Shori: (excited) Alright.

They make love.

Later on Shori talks to Hisoka and asks her something.

Shori: Hey Hisoka?

Hisoka: Yes Shori?

Shori: I was wondering.

Hisoka: What is it?

Shori: I wanna learn how to increase my strength and speed like you do.

Hisoka: (surprised) You want me to be your teacher?

Shori: Please?

Hisoka: Anything for my beloved.

Shori: (smiling) Thank you.

He kisses her.

Hisoka: (blushing)(giggling) Your welcome.

They go to sleep.

The next morning. They eat breakfast and drink tea. Then they go outside for training.

Hisoka: So the first thing you need to know about is your Shizen form.

Shori: Shizen form? What is that?

Hisoka: It's a natural form that people can learn or what they already have. For example my Shizen form would be a demon since I'm a Oni.

Shori: What is mine?

Hisoka: Well that depends. You may either have one from Nagisa or from me.

Shori: Who do you think it could be?

Hisoka: You're probably getting your Shizen form from me, since were always together.

Shori: So I may be able to use demonic energy?

Hisoka: That's right.

Shori: Are there other forms?

Hisoka: Of course every mythical creature has one.

Shori: So how would I be able to use demonic energy?

Hisoka: It may be inside you already.

Shori: How?

Hisoka: There are four ways to receive this. The first one is naturally, but that only happens if you are a mythical creature. The second one is getting infected by it. An example would be a vampire or a werewolf bite. The third one is to go through vigorous training with a mythical creature.

Shori: What's the fourth one?

Hisoka: Transferring it into someone.

Shori: So you transferred it to me?

She gets really quiet.

Hisoka: (blushing) ...

Shori: What's the matter?

Hisoka: (blushing) Yeah I think so.

Shori: How did that happened?

Hisoka: (blushing) You know, um... all the things we did in bed.

Shori: (blushing) Oh. I didn't know you can receive Shizen like that.

Hisoka: Yeah.

Shori: So how do you use demonic energy?

Hisoka: Its already active. Can you see mine?

Shori: Yeah. Its so calm and warm. But what happened to your demonic energy the last time? It was so cold and evil.

Hisoka: I got really angry. Demonic energy isn't evil. It depends on the users mood and personality.

Shori: I see.

Hisoka: Now let me check yours.

She checks his demonic aura.

Hisoka: That's odd.

Shori: What's the matter?

Hisoka: Your aura has intentions to kill people.

Shori: I never killed anyone before.

Hisoka: That's the ironic part. Do you have what it takes to kill people?

Shori: Only if its really necessary. But I try not to.

Hisoka: Alright. Now are you ready for me to teach you how to use demonic energy?

Shori: Yes. But I have a question.

Hisoka: What is it?

Shori: Can you combine elements with demonic energy?

Hisoka: I don't know. You probably can, but that would be very dangerous.

Shori: How?

Hisoka: Elements have their own auras too. To mix it with a demonic one would be risky.

Shori: You can use fire right?

Hisoka: I can mimic it yes.

Shori: Can you teach me how to use fire please?

Hisoka: I can't. Fire is not my original element, it's wind.

Shori: Hm.

Hisoka: Now I will show you how to use your own demonic energy.

Her demonic aura spews all over her body. She grabs a giant boulder and breaks it with one hand.

Shori: That's amazing!

Hisoka: (smiling) Would you like to try?

Shori: Yeah. But I'm gonna do something more creative.

Hisoka: Interesting. May I see?

Shori: Yeah.

They find a source of water by the river. Shori activates his demonic powers.

Shori: Now time to mix it with water.

Hisoka: Shori be careful.

Water vapor spreads everywhere in the sky.

Hisoka: What is he planning to do.

Shori: I'm going to break this boulder with just water.

Hisoka: The clouds are getting dark.

Shori: Susanoo's rainstorm! Demon rain!

It pours harder.

Hisoka: Amazing! So you can mix demonic powers with them!

Shori: That's not all. I can make the rain more intense!

Hisoka: You can?!

Shori: Watch. Susanoo's rainstorm! Moderate demon rain!

He breaks the boulder. The rain stops.

Hisoka: (surprised) How many storms can you control?

Shori: Right now just one. It will be two when I learn fire from Minami.

Hisoka: Well then. You gave me an idea too. But my clothes are really wet now so we can train later.

Shori: Okay.

Hisoka: (flirting) See you later Shori.

She kisses him and leaves.

The scene switches to Tomomi.

She peeps on Ryuu.

Tomomi: (blushing)(smiling) Mmmmm! Ryuu you are so damn handsome!

Hisoka shows up.

Hisoka: What are you doing?

Tomomi: (shocked)(embarrassed) Uh nothing! Nothing at all!

Hisoka: I know your lying. It's pretty obvious.

Tomomi: Did you cut your hair? It looks really nice.

Hisoka: You didn't answer my question, and yes I cut my hair.

Tomomi: (blushing) Um. What are we talking about?

Hisoka: You want him back don't you?

Tomomi: Yes. But he wont date me again.

Hisoka: Why not?

Tomomi: Well when we were dating. A lot of people discriminated us. I was hated by humans, and he was hated by vampires.

Hisoka: Your not human?

Tomomi: I'm a Dhampir. Half human and vampire.

Hisoka: Okay.

Tomomi: (crying) But I try to impress him in so many ways and nothing changes. I even dressed up really cute and everything and he still turned me down.

Hisoka: You shouldn't have to impress him like that. Despite the fact your boobs are big and you're really pretty, it will just take some time.

Tomomi: Uh huh.

Hisoka: Your peeping at him again aren't you?

Tomomi: Yes.

Ryuu gets out the hot springs.

Tomomi: (blushing)(nosebleed) HHHHIIIIIIIII!!!!!

Hisoka: I think I already know what happened.

Tomomi: I saw him naked. And now I'm bleeding. I'm surprised you didn't peep at him.

Hisoka: Come here. She walks to her and Hisoka punches her in the back of the head.

Tomomi: Ow. What was that for?!

Hisoka: My love goes to Shori only. Not that damn samurai.

Tomomi: I'm sorry.

Hisoka: Anyways I'm going to bathe. Wanna bathe with me?

Tomomi: Sure.

They bathe in the hot spring.

Hisoka: So how did you two meet?

Tomomi: My father put me in a orphanage so he didn't get killed by my mother. He ran off and came back for me when I was 2.

Hisoka: What's so bad about your mother?

Tomomi: I hate her. She disowned me and she's racist towards humans.

Hisoka: So when you were 2 where did your dad take you?

Tomomi: I went to the Yamada clan and stayed with them till he came back. Unfortunately he never did.

Hisoka: Why?

Tomomi: He was being chased by werewolves. The entire pack raped him.

Hisoka: Wow. That's humiliating for women to rape a man.

Tomomi: He ended up falling in love with one of them after a fight. Then they had a baby.

Hisoka: So what about Ryuu. How did you get along with him?

Tomomi: I loved being with him. But he hated me with a passion.

Hisoka: Why?

Tomomi: He was a racist. He hated witches and didn't care about them.

Hisoka: So tell me your story with you and Ryuu.

Tomomi: Okay.

The scene switches to the past with Tomomi at the age of 8

Tomomi: Hey Ryuu.

Ryuu: Get lost you stupid witch.

Tomomi: So what are you doing?

Ryuu: Nothing! Go away!

Tomomi: Is there anything you need?


He leaves.

Ryuu: (annoyed) Tch! I hate witches! She can stick a broomstick far up her ass!

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 45- Bitter childhood (1)

  Hisoka lays on her ancestors deathbed. She finds Gins spirit and finally meets him in person. Why did he decide to show up at a time like this?

Hisoka: (surprised) Your my ancstor?

Gin: Yes I am.

Hisoka: So your favorite flower are sunflowers?

Gin: Yep. That's where my wife and I died at. You're literally on our death bed.

Hisoka: I'm sorry but I can't move. I'm probably going to die any second now.

Gin: Hisoka? Look at the wound on your chest.

Hisoka: (shocked) It's gone! What happened?

Gin: I restored your life force.

Hisoka: Thank you. My I ask you why you are here?

Gin: I'm here to talk about your heritage. You do know what you are do you?

Hisoka: I'm obviously not a human. I'm an Oni.

Gin: But which one?

Hisoka: I don't know?

Gin: You are a demon Oni and a blue Oni mixed. I have to say that's a really good offspring you're parents made.

Hisoka: Then why isn't my skin blue?

Gin: I guess you inherited your fathers skin.

Hisoka: What about my mother?

Gin: You just inherited her intelligence and her monstrous strength. Humans like Takeo doesn't know what you're capable of.

Hisoka: But I lost. (crying) And I couldn't protect the man I love.

Gin: I understand that. But do you know why Takeo hates you so much?

Hisoka: I don't even know why.

Gin: Because of the core he's looking for.

Hisoka: Gin's core! Where is it?!

Gin: You have it. Its already inside you.

Hisoka: Are you serious?

Gin: Yes. He wanted to use you as a weapon, but since it didn't go the way it planned he decided to kill you. However he failed.

Hisoka: Why me?

Gin: Because of all Oni's to go up against. You are the worst one to deal with.

Hisoka: How?!

Gin: You feed off of evil which makes you stronger. Not only that you can summon a demonic gate from Kyoto that sends evil into the underworld. Inside the underworld is a little boy named Ibaraki.

Hisoka: Who is he?

Gin: A Oni like you. He rampages on the corrupted and torments them in the underworld for eternity. Every crime a person commits backfires back at them. For example, if you killed someone in the real world, or another crime like kidnap, rape etc. Then the same thing will happened to you in the underworld and it will never stop.

Hisoka: Takeo's crimes need to end now. He's taken things too far.

Gin: I agree. But first that core needs to awaken.

Hisoka: Awaken?

Gin: In other words you're a late bloomer. You haven't awakened your inner demon as a Oni yet. If you did then you would have been able to kill him already.

He shoves his hand in her chest and breaks the core. Her body throbs with intense pain.

Gin: This is gonna hurt a lot so endure it.

Hisoka: (breathing hard) Gin what's going- (screaming)

Gin: I know it hurts but just deal with it.

Hisoka: (yelling) OH MY GOD!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! (screaming)

Gin: I can't.

She grows claws, fangs, and horns.

Hisoka: (yelling)(screaming)

The pain stops.

Hisoka: (breaking hard) Oh my goodness what was that?!

Gin: You awakened your true form. Its permanent, but the amount of power you have is unimaginable. You may even be stronger than your lover right now.

She looks at the river and sees her reflection.

Hisoka: So this is what I look like?

Gin: Oh what do you know. You actually grew taller too.

Hisoka: I cant put my outfit on since I grew.

Gin: You already wearing clothes that fit you.

Hisoka: You love surprising people like that don't you?

Gin: (smiling) Yep.

Hisoka: That kanabo. How heavy is it?

Gin: Its very heavy.

Hisoka: May I have it?

Gin: Sure take it. Nobody hasn't been able to lift it except for me.

She picks it up.

Gin: I'm rather impressed. Now go redeem yourself.

Hisoka: Okay.

She puts her mask back on and heads back to Shori.

Takeo stands there.

Takeo: Well if isn't the bitch that I humiliated.

Hisoka: It will not happen again. I hope you're ready to die now.

Tomomi: (shocked) Who the hell is that woman?!

Ryuu: What's the matter?

Tomomi: Her demonic energy is spewing everywhere!

Ryuu: Is it Sayomi?! No that cant be her! Who the hell is she?!

Takeo: I have some unfinished business with you.

Hisoka: Too bad it personal this time.

Takeo: (insane look) What did you say?

She drops her club and leaves a small shockwave.

Hisoka: You heard what I said. It's personal!

Shori: (surprised)(in thought) Is that Hisoka? Her aura is so evil.

Takeo runs straight towards her.

Hisoka: Oni's wind! Corrupted shockwave!

She punches him sky high and slams his face straight down to the ground.


She walks straight towards him.

Takeo: Look here you bi-

She grabs his throat.

Hisoka: (angry) No you look here bitch! You nearly killed the man I love! YOU WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!

She punches him in the face, and knocks his teeth out.

Takeo: (coughing blood)

Hisoka: Draw your sword.

Takeo: (insane look) Oh you are so gonna get it.

He draws his sword.

Hisoka: What's the matter? Make a move already.

He attacks her and starts fencing.

Hisoka: Is that it?

Takeo: Shut up you stupid hoe! When I get my hands on you then you are gonna-

She smashes his face to the ground again.

Hisoka: You have no right to say anything. How dare you call yourself a ninja around me.

She steal his sword.

Takeo gets back up and draws his other sword. He calls all the corrupted villagers to kill her.

Hisoka: Its a shame all these evil villagers made terrible crimes.

She cuts them down one by one.

Hisoka: Are you finished coward?

Takeo: I'll show you who's a coward! I can beat you with one sword!

Hisoka: You can have your other one back. A mediocre weapon like this is suited for you only.

She throws it and it hits his chest.

Takeo: (coughing blood)

Hisoka grabs his head again and starts smashing it on a wall.


She stops smashing his face.

Takeo: (breathing hard)(bleeding) Dammit what the hell is this?!

Hisoka: This is justice that's being served to you.

Takeo: Who gives a shit about your justice!

He attack her with his sword, but Hisoka pulls out a knife and stabs his eye with it.

Takeo: (yelling)(screaming) MY EYE!!!

Hisoka: Have you given in to the justice I'm serving you?

Takeo: No!

He swings his sword at him and tries to cut her.

Hisoka: Psychic dream. Fatal facade.

Takeo keeps swinging and keeps cutting.

Takeo: Die bitch die!!! (laughing insanely)

He stops.

Hisoka: Are you done yet? You nearly killed yourself.

Takeo: You should be dead right now! Why aren't you dead?!

Hisoka: I was going to ask you that. You're losing a lot of blood.

Takeo notices that he cut his own arm off and cut his chest.

Takeo: (freaking out)(yelling) WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!

Note: Fatal facade will allow the opponent to attack their self, thinking its the enemy.

Hisoka: Time to end this.

She grabs her kanabo and swings at him.

Takeo: (coughing)

She shatters all his ribs and sends him flying in the air. She throws her club sky high and jumps into the sky.

Hisoka: Oni's rampage! Earthquake's eradication!

She slams the club on Takeo straight towards the ground and kills him.

Hisoka: Summon! Ibaraki's gate!

A gate pops up from the ground and opens.

Ibaraki: You are the first person in 250 years to summon this gate.

Hisoka: Are you Ibaraki?

Ibaraki: Yes I am. I take care of filthy corrupted people like him. Every crime he committed will backfire in the underworld.

Hisoka: I'll let you take care of him them.

Ibaraki: See you later.

He drags the dead body and throws him in the underworld. The gate closes and it disappears.

Hisoka: Its over.

She goes back to Shori.

Shori: Is that really you Hisoka?

She takes off her mask.

Hisoka: Yes. This is really me master Shori.

Shori: Are you an Oni?

Hisoka: Yes sir.

Shori: Hm.

Hisoka: I know I'm a bit different. But I hope you still love me.

Shori: You even gotten taller too.

Hisoka bows down to him.

Hisoka: (crying) I just wanna say that I a so sorry for not being able to protect you earlier. I know I failed and I'm sure it disappoints you. I'll take full responsibility and accept any punishment you give me. Just please forgive me. I'm am begging you with my heart and soul to please accept my apology and forgive me!

Shori hugs her.

Shori: (crying)(happy) I forgive you Hisoka. And I will always love you. I don't care if your a Oni or some other mythical creature. I accept your apology.

She kisses him.

Hisoka: (crying) Thank you.

One week later Hisoka takes care of Shori again. They stay together for a while and drink tea.

Hisoka: How are you feeling Shori?

Shori: I'm feeling fine. Thank you Hisoka.

Hisoka: Your welcome. (seducing)(smiling) Now is there anything else I can do for my beloved.

Shori: (surprised) Are you seducing me?

Hisoka: You think so?

Shori: (smiling) As gorgeous as you are yes. Since when do kunoichi seduce their lovers?

Hisoka: (blushing)(smiling) Whenever they end up falling in love with a man. They normally try to please their men to make them happy.

Shori: (smiling) Are you in the "mood" for something?

Hisoka: (blushing)(excited) I could be. Wanna make a move on me?

Shori kisses her and touches her chest.

Shori: Someones making progress.

Hisoka: (blushing)(breathing hard) I love you so much.

They get ready to make love, but someone knocks on the door.

Shori: (irritated) Damn it!

Hisoka: (sulking) Its ruined.

She walks to the door.

Hisoka: Maybe next time.

She kisses him.

Hisoka opens the door.

Harue: Hello Hisoka.

Hisoka: (surprised) Master Harue!

Harue: You finally got the ruffian?

Hisoka: Yes sir its finally over.

Harue: Whenever you're ready for you next mission. Send me a message.

He hands her a blue scarf and leaves.

Hisoka: He acknowledges me.

Shori: Who is he?

Hisoka: He is the leader for all the ninjas.

Shori: What's the blue scarf for?

Hisoka: (smiling) I've been promoted to a chunin.

Shori: Congratulations.

They kiss.

To be continued


Infinite crown Chapter 44- New teacher


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